Monday, July 7, 2008

Camping with the Thurgoods

The last weekend in June, we went camping with my side of the family. Everyone ended up being able to go, so it was a lot of fun to see the whole family. My parents own some land up by Cle Elum, WA so we headed up there for some camping and fun at nearby Lake Cle Elum. It ended up being a HOT weekend (near 100) and almost everyone got sunburned... nevertheless, we had a blast! Levi especially loved being outside all day long. He was in heaven! We sure have an athletic, outdoors sort of little man.

This little chair was just the right size for Levi. He really liked it. Too bad it was a pink Barbie chair... we'll have to get him one of his own so he doesn't have to steal his girl cousin's chair.

Levi and Aunt Amber chilling in the water. Levi was so relaxed, he almost zonked out.

Amber, Lacey, Madi, Dad, and Ben cooling off from the blazing heat in the freezing water.
Levi LOVED LOVED LOVED the jet ski. He got to take a couple rides with both Mom and Dad, and every time he would be totally mellow.
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As you can see, Levi loved riding the jet ski whether it was moving on the water or not. He was just as happy riding it while it was on the trailer back at camp. :)

Yikes! Check out that nasty tan line.... yeah, only that's not what it is. It is a dirt line. Before he met us down at the beach, Sam went four wheeling up the mountain with Ben and Evan. He came back so fifthly! His socks did a good job of blocking the dirt, though.

Not only did Levi love the jet ski, he also loved the four wheeler. Sam and Grandpa both took him on a few rides around camp, and every time he got off he would cry. I think it is safe to say that Levi is the adventurous type.

Okay, I didn't get a picture of it (and I really wish I would have now), but our new tent was insane. We bought it on our way across the country at Sierra Trading Post and thought we were getting a pretty awesome deal... then we set it up. This weekend was the first time we pulled it out of the box and when we did, we realized that it was a "solar" tent. The windows did not have mesh, just clear plastic. So there was no way to vent the tent - it was sealed tight! It got so hot in our tent, I couldn't breathe when I went in there. What a stupid design!!!! On top of that, the door and the windows closest to the door had no coverings... just the clear plastic. There was a divider for the back of the tent, but it was shear white fabric. And the coverings for the back windows could only be zipped and unzipped from the outside. Basically... there was no privacy AT ALL in this tent. I'm just grateful we had somewhere else to change. Needless to say, we are returning the tent. Beware of anything marked "solar"... it will be horribly designed.

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Kyle and Alli said...

LOL! I am think the tent thing is totally funny! What an adventure. We got a tent for our wedding and when we first opened it, we had similar reactions! Ours was a "sun dome" which basically meant that the whole entire top half of it was ALL mesh! not quite the clear plastic you had to deal with, but we also lacked the privacy and in Logan, that meant we were FREEZING with no way to zip the "window" shut! LOL! At least we had a decent rain cover which allowed for some privacy! We sure will not be winter camping in this thing!