Friday, August 22, 2008


These pictures were taken on July 8th. Levi and I went to Burger King with lots of aunts, cousins, and Grandma Thurgood. Levi just ran off after his cousins and was climbing around on the big toy. I couldn't believe it! He just seemed so big, I had to grab my camera and take some pictures. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up. He is definitely not an infant anymore, but a sweet little boy with lots of energy! The last picture was a horrible shot... originally you couldn't even see Levi. He was all black because of the bright light coming in the windows behind him. I did a little playing around with it though and, even though it still isn't a great picture, you can actually see Levi in it now!

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Kyle and Alli said...

I am so excited to see some new posts! And you are in a new house? Does this mean that you bought your first? Can't wait to see the details post!

Melissa said...

Levi looks so big since the last time I saw him!! How fun! Do you know what you guys are having yet?? I see that your 23 weeks! You mush know! Post it up! :) I hope you guys are doing ok! We miss ya!