Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clements Family Reunion con't.

Alright, so as for the rest of the Clements Family Reunion. The first day of the reunion, Levi fell and hit is head on the corner of a closet door. It swelled up instantly into the biggest goose egg! I felt so bad for him. But he is one tough kid! Levi only cried for a minute and then he was back to playing. The goose egg swelled so fast and so big that it stretched his skin to the point of splitting and he got a big scab which, over the next week or so, kept coming off and bleeding a whole bunch. I'm not sure the pictures even do it justice, but here they are anyway.

Saturday, we took a little outing to Fishhook Park (about 45 minutes outside of Richland). I unfortunately didn't get too many pictures there, but I did get a good one of Levi! We took my parents Sea-Doo... and that is where our endless adventures derived from. :) First, Sam ran out of gas in the middle of the river. I had to ask another group of boaters to go tow him in. We couldn't figure out why he ran out of gas, seeing as though he was only the 3rd or 4th person so have a ride. We finally figured out that when we had filled up the tank on our way there, we had only filled up the reserve tank. So now both the regular and reserve tanks were empty. We filled it up with the gas we brought with us. Then, later, Abe and Ann (Sam's brother and his wife) couldn't get the Sea-Doo started after they had drifted away from the dock, so Abe had to jump in and tow it back. Finally, Becky and Eric (Sam's sister and husband), somehow completely capsized the Sea-D00. Eric has very limited use of the left side of his body, so add that to the difficulty anyone has trying to get back on a Sea-Doo in the middle of the water, and it was quite the ordeal. Eric thought it was pretty funny... Becky not so much. All in all, it was a really fun day full of lots of memories. :)
On the way home, Joe and Levi both fell asleep... in the same position! We had to take a picture.

Oh wait... all the Sea-Doo mishaps were not our only adventures for the day. On the way home, my parents van's (which we were driving to tow the Sea-Doo) tire blew out. The scariest part was the lady behind us who either was speeding, not paying attention, or slow to react, and almost hit us. Luckily, she changed lanes just in time. We got the spare put on and were able to make it the rest of the way home.

(How many Clements' does it take to change a tire? :D)


Connie Clements said...

I totally forgot about the flat tire. That really was a day full of adventures!

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

wow that's a nice goose egg!!! Holy crap!! Glad he didn't take long to bounce back :) It was fun having you over last week. WE will have to do it again soon, and maybe organize a girls night or something!