Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brinley turns ONE!

Brinley turned one on December 13, 2009. We celebrated by having all of our family who live in the Tri-Cities over for cake, ice cream, and presents. I can't believe my baby girl is a year old (well... now 13 months old!) She is so small, which I think really adds to my disbelief. At her one-year check-up she was 27 3/4" tall (10th percentile) and 17 1/2 lbs (3rd percentile). Needless to say, she is still rear-facing in the car... but we are hoping to change that by her 14th month mark. I think Brinley is anxious to look out of the front window instead of the rear because she has been eating TONS. She's right about at 19 lbs now!

Brinley's birthday was on a Sunday, so she got to wear this special birthday dress that Grandma Thurgood gave her. Isn't she beautiful?

We continued the tradition we started on Levi's first birthday putting balloons in their room while their sleeping and hanging streamers in their door. Brinley loved it!

Here is Brinley's birthday cake. I always try to make their cake resemble something they really like. With Levi, that has always been easy: balls. Brinley was a little harder, but as I thought about it I realized, Duh! Brinley absolutely loves books. They are her favorite! So I made her a Pile-of-Books cake!

Brinley with Aunt Arina. Nice self-portrait.

Mommy and her sweet baby girl. I love you Brinley!!!

Opening gifts. Brinley did a rather decent job of opening her gifts for a one-year old. We decided that it was great practice for Christmas! The hardest thing was keeping the over-eager brother and cousins away.

Aunt Lauren reading Brinley her new books.

Time for cake and ice cream!

(p.s. Yes, we purposely sing that poorly!)

Brinley has this thing about using utensils upside down. She often eats using the handle to get the food into her mouth. Although she's not doing this nearly as often anymore, sometimes I still catch doing it backwards. So silly... Okay, as I am typing this, Brinley is eating soup. I just turned and she has started using her spoon backwards. :-D

A little glimpse of the party:


Robyn said...

It looks like you've been having a lot of fun the last few months. I bets it's nice in a lot of ways to have so much family close by. I love the b-day cake, it's so clever. Eli is really small for his age too, and he's just like Brinley getting all antsy waiting to play with Noah when he's napping. Hope you continue to have a lot of fun. I've enjoyed reading your posts.

Kyle and Alli said...

Good to see you back in the blog world! Happy Birthday Brinley...she is so tiny and so cute in her dress!

Shaela said...

wow, you have all been busy! Brinley looks way too tiny to be walking, haha. Hope she can turn around in the car soon - so much world to see! :)

Michelle said...

Wow, has it really been a year? That's about what Matthew was when he was a year, and now he's taken off, both in height and in weight. I'm glad you guys are doing well! You look great!

Laurel said...

I miss you!!! I'm coming to Washington in two weeks. Let's get together. I'll be staying with my Grandma and parents in Zillah. I for sure want to spend some time with you, though. Call me or email and we'll make a plan. (406) 534-2231. Talk to you soon!