Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rewind: January

So, I had this grand idea that I'd do a post highlighting our year so far. I made a collage of January and that's as far as I got. And that was weeks ago. Obviously, too high of expectations. I hope you will accept instead, a glimpse of our January.

Highlights of January 2010:

1. I went snowboarding for the first time! For Christmas I gave Sam a gift certificate for one day of "pulling me up out of the snow and riding the ski lift". We went to Bluewood, and Sam was an amazing teacher! I like snowboarding sooo much more than I thought I would. And it was awesome to have an entire day just to ourselves. We loved it so much, we went again in February.

(FYI, Levi just walked in a started asking to play his computer games... I've been on this thing for 2 minutes max! That's why I never blog anymore! We'll see if I can fend him off long enough to finish this post.)

2. I turned 27. See the little picture of me blowing out my candles? Sam got me Wii Fit Plus... I LOVE it! I've decide that this is my exercise of choice for right now--something that actually works for me. It is fun, competitive, tracks my progress... and here's the best part: I just hand each of the kids a controller and they "play" along with me instead of nagging me! Hooray!

3. Sam and I got to go to a Jon Schmidt concert. It was fantastic and fun (which surprised me). He came to a local high school to help with a fundraiser for their music department (one of the high schoolers organized it all).

The rest of the pictures are of my cute kiddos. Don't I have beautiful children? We were walking through the airport yesterday (on our way home from Connie's [Sam's sister] graduation) and Brinley was sitting on Levi's lap in our umbrella stroller. We travel like that a lot because an umbrella stroller is so convenient to cart around and the kids do great riding together. We walked past a lady who said seeing them like that was the cutest thing and we totally made her day. Then she said, "Those two are going to be best friends for life." And I think she is totally right. Levi and Brinley love each other so much and are such great friends. Seeing that is pure joy for me.

Here are some videos from January. These are mostly for my own sake, so I can look back and remember my kids at this age.

(p.s. I am posting this the same day that I started it... albeit 7 hours later... HOORAY!)

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