Monday, June 16, 2008

Rewind: Day 2 of the Trek Continued

After the excitement of the high speed chase, the rest of the day was BORING! I think we drove on the absolute straightest road in the world. We were so bored, we had to stop and play at a rest area. There was a big farm behind the rest area, and Levi loved all the big tractors that drove by. We actually ended up sending an hour at the rest area... a much needed break in the middle of our 8 hour drive.

We got to Carthage around 8:30pm, and the visitor's center was still open. (Surprise! And Hooray!) Carthage Jail is where Joseph Smith was martyred. It was really great to get to tour the jail and to feel the spirit there. The grounds of the Carthage Jail were so peaceful, and it really was a beautiful area. The walkway is lined with large stones engraved with quotes from the Prophet Joseph Smith. What an incredible man and servant of the Lord!Carthage Jail

Sam with Joseph and Hyrum

Kelsey and Levi. The top window
is the one Joseph Smith fell through
after being shot.

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