Monday, June 16, 2008

Rewind: The Trek West

So we left Pittsburgh the afternoon of May 23, after the movers came and loaded all of our stuff onto their truck. The first day we drove about 300 miles to Columbus, Ohio. The second day we made our way to Nauvoo. Somewhere just outside of Indianapolis we witnessed something we probably will never see again. Here's the story: As we were driving down I-70, a police car driving faster than I've ever since whizzed past us. A couple minutes later another one did. Then about 10-15 minutes later, we started seeing cops flying down the other side of the freeway. About the time that enough cops had flown by that I felt it necessary to make the comment "Wow, something big must be going on," I saw a white minivan coming towards us on our side of the freeway. Well... it turns out it wasn't on the freeway, but beside the freeway flying up and down the little hills. Traffic obviously slowed and then stopped. When the minivan was right by us (we were in the middle lane, but still had an awesome view!), the passenger door opened and a guy in a white shirt jumped out. Then the driver stopped the van, and he and a girl jumped out of the van. They all jumped a wire fence and started booking it across a big farm field. While that was all happening, cops were flipping across the median behind us and then a few got out and started chasing after the teenagers. Well... after the fact, we learned that the three crazies were all caught. The driver was 18, the other boy was 15, and the girl was in her teens somewhere. They were being pulled over for a seatbelt violation, but started a high speed chase because the van was stolen and the 15 year old boy had just escaped from Juvenile Detention. We got a picture of them running across the field (the girl was just giving up), but didn't get the cops in the picture.