Thursday, May 28, 2009

Around the House Randomness

The first fruits (or rather vegetable) of our gardening efforts:
We were really rather surprised to see a bean on this plant from our windowsill that we still hadn't gotten around to transplanting. Hooray for beans!

How not to grow a radish:
The red stringy thing on the left is in fact a from our windowsill that did not get transplanted and was only growing in a couple of inches of soil. Not very appetizing. The radish on the right, however, is from our garden. Doesn't it look beautiful? Too bad I don't like radishes, but Sam is certainly enjoying them!

The Squirmer:
Brinley has got the whole back-arch-get-me-outta-here thing going on. This picture doesn't truly capture her talent very well, but that's why her feet are sticking so far off the end.

Mommy's Big Helper:
Levi can be such a great helper sometimes. I love it! Here he is helping me empty the dishwasher by putting away all the silverware. He even puts everything in the right spot!

What greeted me as I walked up the stairs:
Two things ran through my mind at almost the exact same time:
1- Wow! Levi has such a creative imagination. I wonder what he was thinking when he put the cars there;
2- This is why my house will never be clean!
(Hey, at least #1 did beat out #2...even if it was only by a split second!)

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Laurel said...

I love Levi's face as he's unloading the silverware. What a cutie.
I don't get a garden this year. I'm really jealous. By the way, have I mentioned Square Foot Gardening to you? I think I already have. Anyway... I got the updated book and I LOVE IT!! Look into it for next year, maybe...