Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Levi just said something pretty funny, so I thought I'd share so you can all chuckle. Levi is supposed to be getting on some shoes so we can leave, but he just picked up his tennis shoes and started putting them back in their shoebox (which we still have though we bought the shoes about a month ago), while explaining, "Me don't love these. Take them back to the hospital." What? I've heard of kids saying that about younger siblings, but shoes? Don't you love to imagine how their little minds work? I sure do.


Kevin and Eliza said...

Wow Kelsey you have been very busy blogging. So many videos posted that is awesome. It takes my computer like 30 min. to an hour a piece to post videos. What a cute cake for Levi. How sad about the toy cars. I'm so impressed that you actually went and learned how to snowboard. I'm sad my plan to do the same with Kevin never quite made it to reality. I love your Valentine's cookies those are awesome and wow they must usually be humongous.

Laurel said...

Hey Kels,
I LOVE your suggestion of the name Briella. Brielle is actually the name Matt and I picked out 9 years ago (while we were engaged) for our first daughter. Since it took her so long to come, Ben and Christina named their daughter Briella in September. Otherwise, this would be a little Brielle or Briella. Any other fabulous ideas? I really actually like the name Kelsey, but I have a hard time using it when I know Brianne wants to. She tells me I can, and that you can't claim names, but I feel like she should get that chance before me. Anyway... miss you!