Monday, February 23, 2009


Christmas morning. This was the first Christmas we have spent in our own house with our own little family. It was so nice and relaxing. We let Levi play with each gift for (almost) as long as he wanted to before moving on to the next gift. He really wasn't too into the opening of gifts, just playing with what was inside of them. After our little Christmas morning, we went over to Sam's parent's house and had a Christmas breakfast and opened more presents there. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that.

Levi opened this present last, and he was hilarious about it. When he first saw what it was, he skipped around in circles clapping his hands for joy. It was the cutest thing... to bad I did catch it on video. Oh, it is a basketball hoop by the way.
Mommy and Brinley on Christmas morning.
Sam with his Dilbert books. We love Dilbert.
Levi with the quietbook Mommy sewed for him. Don't look too closely, I am a horrible seamstress. This was pretty much my first attempt. But Levi likes it. This is how Brinley spent most of Christmas... I'm sure she'll be more lively next year when she is more than 2 weeks old. Her shirt says "Mom and Dad's best present ever." We thought that was cute- she was our favorite Christmas gift this year.
A white Christmas!!!! A pretty rare occasion...I believe it was Sam's first since moving to Washington.
Levi got this trainset from Santa Claus!
Levi and Daddy cuddling Christmas morning.
Levi is hilarious... lately he has been sleeping with his head under his pillow. I think he got it from Sam.

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