Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Day

We celebrated our Valentine's this year on February 16th and 17th. We figure, there's really no special reason to celebrate on the 14th... and everything is on sale after that. Plus, restaurants aren't nearly as busy. We think it's a pretty good idea. On Monday (the 16th), we exchanged Valentine's gifts. Levi picked his out at the store: a package of four soft balls--baseball, basketball, soccer ball, and his favorite... football (also know as a "Joe ball" because he watched his Uncle Joe play football this Fall) and a mylar balloon. No, I'm not lame... he picked out the plain silver one himself. Brinley got a cute little teddy bear that says "Be Mine" on it. Along with my usual box of chocolates (love it!), Sam surprised me and got me a huge ol' gorilla. It was pretty hilarious. We went out to Olive Garden while Sam's sister watched the kids. That was probably the most romantic thing Sam did for me... pulled out his phone and found a sitter for the kids without even discussing it with me. I love that man!

On Tuesday, we got around to our Valentine's Day tradition: giant heart-shaped sugar cookies! This is a tradition I had growing up, and we've continued it on with our kids. Levi had a blast decorating his cookie and mostly with eating the Kissables. For the sake of our (read: my) waistline, Sam suggested that we just help Levi eat his cookie instead of making more for ourselves. Good idea, but with how good those cookies are, I'm kinda regretting not having one all to myself!


Laurel said...

I didn't remember that you guys had the same tradition, either. It's almost like our moms must have been best friends. Still, whenever I talk about somebody in terms of friendship, I say, "she is SO not your Vicki." (If they've done something less than best friend-like). Have you found your Vicki?

Tennille & Nathaniel said...

I have 2 Vicki's down here thank goodness. But that's not what I was going to say. I think your little Levi is sooo stinkin' cute. Brinley is adorable too, but babies don't show their personality quite yet. The picture of Brinley in her pink dress is soooo cute.

Connie said...

I really want one of those cookies! They look delicious. I may have to do St. Patty's day cookies or something since I totally missed the V-day baking bandwagon.