Thursday, September 4, 2008

Benton Franklin County Fair!

After missing the last two years, we were able to go to our local county fair this year. I grew up going to this fair, so it is kind of a nostalgic tradition. Our fairs are pretty darn awesome. Growing up I pretty much just went for the carnival rides. This year, we didn't do any rides... kinda hard to do when you are pregnant. Plus, they've just gotten so darn expensive, and Levi is really too young still. We spent our time at the tractors, animals, and eating food. Ahhh... fair food! That is reason enough to go to the fair. Too bad I ran out of money, because I'm in that second- trimester-eat-us-out-of-house-and-home-stage. BBQ Pork, elephant ears, caramel apples, lemonade, foot long corn dogs... better stop or I'm going to have to go raid the kitchen. Oh, and Air Supply performed, which was pretty cool. (Also this year at the fair were Chicago, Gary Allen, LoverBoy, and Emerson Drive... told you we had pretty awesome fairs!)
Levi loved the tractors! He sat on each of the 6 they had lined up. Notice how he is even shifting?

If pictures had sound, you would hear Levi going "Vroom, vroom".

Levi was absolutely giddy about the animals. He kept running from cage to cage, pointing and talking excitedly. We saw cows, goats, lambs, sheep, ponies, and pigs!

Levi loved to reach his hands through the fences and pet each of the animals. That me a bit nervous that he might get snapped at... especially with the goats! But no animals ever attempted a bite. Right before we left the barn, this sheep stuck his head out of the fence, so Levi got a good chance to really get up close and personal! Unfortunately, Levi got a bit too excited and bopped him on the nose. I was sure the sheep would retaliate, but he just jumped and whipped his head back inside of the fence. The sudden movement was enough to scare Levi, but he didn't get hurt at all.

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Connie Clements said...

I love that you actually update your blog.... it gives me great reading material when I need a break from textbooks. I love you guys!