Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh, what a day!

Levi, without a doubt, keeps me "on my toes." Some days it seems like all I do is clean up one mess after the other. Yes, that seems frustrating and like drudgery, but it is actually very entertaining. That's why I had to grab my camera and document this day (August 13th... see, I'm still playing catch up from not having the internet).

What a yummy looking face! The sad part is, I was sitting at the kitchen table two feet away reading my book, completely oblivious to the artistic face painting going on just to my left. Levi can be a very quiet mischievous child. Needless to say, he was thrown in the bath immediately upon my discovery (well... after taking a few pictures and laughing my head off), which explains his lack of clothing in the next picture.

[Insert here: Video of Levi creating more mischief. I starting downloading a video I took of Levi, then I remembered I let it run a bit long, so the file was huge and decided against it. But if there were to be a video here and you were watching it, this is what you would see: the viewer enters a room which is immediately recognized as the master bedroom. There on the middle of the bed is an adorable, diaper-clad toddler, sitting surrounded by various objects that were once on his mother's dresser, reading the Dilbert-a-Day calendar that was once on his father's dresser, and laughing out loud like he got the joke. A closer look would reveal an opened jar of Vaseline, a destroyed chapstick, a small amount of lotion dispensed but not rubbed in, etc.]

And the final straw. It wasn't enough to relieve the dressers of the burdensome things they were holding, Levi had to then climb onto the dresser himself and check out who the cutie in the mirror was. It was cute and all fun and games until he started smacking the mirror with that Maglite he was holding. I finally wised up, took him downstairs, and we played with his toys together the rest of the day.
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Robyn Kailiponi said...

LOL. Oh the joys of having a boy! I know exactly what you are talking about, as I seem to very often go around picking up after Noah all day. Wish I could have seen the video of Levi laughing at the joke. Kid: you gotta love them.