Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Tour!

Alright, you can all say it... FINALLY!!!! I have finally gotten around to posting pictures of our new house! I kept waiting until I had the house "more put together", but I've finally realized that when you have twice the square footage as before, it takes A LOT longer to put the house together. So here it is in it's present state, and little by little we'll get more done. So, before we start your free tour, I'd like to give you a few facts about our lovely abode:

- It was built in 1965
- It is officially considered a "one story with basement" because the downstairs is a daylight basement. It is built into a hill, so the backyard is actually level with the top floor of the house.
- It has over 2400 sq ft.
- Lucky us, it has new (within the last two years) windows, roof, HVAC system, kitchen floor, kitchen counters, and remodeled bathrooms. Not sure about the carpet, but it still looks pretty new.
- Since moving in, we have painted the kitchen and one wall in the living room, the ceiling in the
kitchen/dining/living rooms, hallway, upstairs bathroom, and deck. We've also done quite a bit of work taming vegetation in all parts of the yard, and Sam (with his dad's help) fixed the rain gutter.

Now, let the tour begin. Hope you enjoy it!


Melissa said...

PIMP!!! So awesome!! Your home looks so great!! I can't wait to come for a visit---when I'm actually living in Yakima! we're supposed to be in our house...some time this centry! We miss you guys! Hope you're doing good!

Connie Clements said...

I loved the tour even though I have seen it in person (minus furniture). The painting looks great and it looks even better now that it is furnished.

JaredRhonda said...

Cute house!! Love what you've done to the place.

Jessie said...

Wow I LOOOOVE your house! It's so big and spacious. That kitchen is gorgeous. And the backyard is fabulous! Congrats!

I can't wait until I have more than one bathroom!!!!!!

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh I am so jealous! Looks great! (and I love that "our house" comes on during the photo tour! nice touch :-)

Kelly & Greg said...

Wow!! We can't wait to come and visit you guys next time we are in the tri-cities. What a beautiful home. I am totally jealous of course :)

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

Well it's about time!! not like i live in the same town and could have come by to see it!! :) Very cute!!! I LOVE the backyard, and the colors are great in the house!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Mike and Madelyn said...

What a huge difference from apartment life! I bet you are loving all the space. You've done a fabulous job decorating. And I'm with Jessie, I can't wait to have more than one bathrooom!

Robyn Kailiponi said...

Your house looks pretty put together to me, and there's so much room! Your house looks great!