Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Levi

Wow! Too cute for words, huh? Too bad we all can't get away with wearing only sunglasses, underwear, and slippers! :-)

It can be really hard work playing in the bathtub. I always wrap Levi up in a towel and then tuck him into our bed to keep him warm after his bath while I get a diaper, clothes, and lotion. This time, by the time I got back, he was sound asleep. It was too sweet; I had to take a picture.

This is how how I find Levi every morning and after every nap. Let me tell you, it sure beats screaming and crying. Sometimes, I'll hear him talking and go in to get him, but he won't be done reading yet so I have to sit and wait for him to be ready to get out of bed. He finds this book particularly funny because it has dogs driving cars.

Have a mentioned lately what a copy-cat Levi is? I'm pretty sure I have, but here is another example. Working hard on his computer, just like Mom and Dad do on theirs.
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