Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Levi has always been an extremely observant child. He picks up on everything so fast (which means, I really should be more careful about what I do and say in front of him!). For example, the other day, I was cleaning up some stuff in the garage. Levi dug through my purse and found the keys to the car. After "unlocking" the car, I opened the door for him and helped him onto the drivers seat. I went inside to put some stuff away, and on my way back I could hear a dinging sound... the kind the car makes when the key is in the ignition and the door is open. That's right, Levi figured out how to get the correct key into the ignition (luckily our dinger is pretty sensitive, and he barely had it in there). When I got back to him, he signaled for me to shut the door, so I appeased him. Then he waved goodbye to me, pretended to turn the key, put one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the gear shift, "shifted" into reverse, then put both hands on the steering wheel and started going "vroom vroom". It was hilarious... and a little nerve wracking... he really does was everything that I do! Here are a couple of other examples of how Levi can do it "all by himself".

I'll blow my own nose, thank you. And do it anytime I see a Kleenex or roll of toliet paper. The good part is, Levi also throws it away in the garbage.

Makeup time. Levi has putting on makeup down to an art. (I told you he was very observant). He knows exactly which brush goes with which makeup and where to apply it on the face. Here he is applying his eye shadow. :) Below, you might notice the eye shadow on his right eye (our left side) as he decides which color to do next.

And here we observe Levi's newest skill (thanks to some help from Dad). This is Levi's first self-protrait. Not bad for a 18-month old.
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